5 boys and 2 girls arrived September 8, 2009!

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One adolescent female - Dizzy - now available. Contact LYNNETTE @ WANDRLYN.COM

sire: Wandrlyn's Ozark Moonshine RN,HT,PT,CGC
DOB - January 23, 2007
dam: Kaya var Letsager RN,RA,NJP,CGC
DOB - October 7, 2006
Whiskey's smiling face!

More Whiskey photos below
  • CHIC #58692
  • CERF:
    BLK-167 May 1, 2009
  • OFA Hips:
    BLN - 70F24M-VPI
  • OFA Elbows:
    BLN - EL48M24-VPI
  • CHIC#58693
  • CERF:
    BLK-165 May 1, 2009
  • OFA Hips:
    BLN - 71E28F-VPI
  • OFA Elbows:
    BLN - EL49F24-VPI

Kaya at her Dutch home at one year of age. Kaya at one year old
More Kaya photos below

Whiskey is my very talented herding boy. He's a gentle soul and something of a one-man dog, but once he knows you, he will snuggle with anyone!

Whiskey's coat is longer and less curly than some Laekenois, and he is a dark mahogany color with a lot of black overlay. His facial furnishings and beard are present but not abundant. He also has quite a lot of bone and presents a very masculine appearance!

He has Malinois in his lineage from both sides, which is the source of his unusual coloring and his nontypical coat. However, because the curly coat is dominant to the shorter coat, I expect the pups to have coats with a texture more like their mother Kaya. Whiskey is the son of my sweet Lily, and his dad is Kathy Champine's Yosi.

Whiskey is from my second Laekenois litter and stayed with me along with his sister Cami. Whiskey and I are currently preparing for Started level herding - working on outruns and distance commands. He is also doing a bit of agility and obedience too. His sister Cami is excelling in obedience and tracking, and will be making her debut in obedience this fall.


About Whiskey's Litter & Laekenois Coat Type


Litter Pedigree

Kaya is my lovely Dutch import, from Han and Mirjam Busser of the Netherlands. Kaya came to live with me at about one year of age, and has fit in nicely. She is an intense obedience worker and loves her toys! She is being a spectacular mom so far, and the babies began gaining weight from their first day!

She has a richly colored dark fawn coat, lovely curls and excellent dark masking on the face and ears. Her coat is an excellent example of what is expected from a Laekenois, with moderate but not excessive facial furnishings and moderate beard. She is an animated worker with a strong work ethic.

Kaya is an amazing athlete coming along beautifully in both obedience and agility. She is a spectacular jumper and will be making her agility debut after puppies. She will also be returning to Ringsport training after pups, and I hope to try her at dock dog diving!

She is also in training as one of my freestyle dancing partners! Her current music is a bluegrass tune.

Whiskey Photos below


The longer, wavy coat on Whiskey's back can be seen in the photo above. His chin whiskers are present, but difficult to see in these photos. In the running photo he is younger and "out of coat" and had just gone through a big shedding phase.

Kaya Photos below

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