Belgian Laekenois and Coat Type

Whiskey's mother Lily, showing
excellent side gait

The sire of the 2009 litter, Whiskey, is from my 2007 litter of Laekenois that was born when I lived in the Ozark region of Southwest Missouri. His unusual coat is a result of his unusual pedigree - he has Malinois ancestors on both sides of the pedirgree, which has caused his coat to be a blend rather than a typical Laekenois coat. The genetics are such that the curly/wiry coat is dominant to the short coat, but it is an "incomplete" dominance and so he has a coat that is not quite a Mal and not quite a Laeken. His coloring is courtesy of his Malinois grandfather -Usco - who produced the dark overlay in other grandkids. I expect the puppies coats to range from a texture and length very similar to mother Kaya, to somewhat similar to Whiskey's but with a bit more curl.

Some Laekenois pups do not begin to display the curls until they are several months old, although whisps of facial furnishings will be present. The litter of Whiskey and his siblings however, should provide a good sampling for predicting what his offspring will look like.

As these pups get older I will post some before and after photos from the 2007 litter, and I believe that around 7-8 weeks old I will be able to predict the adult coat.

The 2007 litter is described below:

Sire: U-CD, U-AG1 Grand Coeur's Yosi JHD, BH

Dam: Wandrlyn's Gilded Lily d'Laek RN

This breeding was done because Yosi's owner and I believe that both Lily and Yosi have a lot to offer to the development of the Laekenois in North America:

We are also very interested in expanding the gene pool with an influx of strong Malinois blood from both sides. Future breedings will also take advantage of the Malinois. Yosi is 1/2 Malinois from strong working lines, and we are grateful to Yosi's owner, Kathy Champine, for all her help in making this litter happen.

Although Lily's Laekenois mother Layna was also half Malinois, she had a very coarse and tousled coat that was very characteristic and appropriate for the breed, and international judges have complimented Lily's very correct coat. Yosi has more of a transitional coat, so we expected a few of the pups to have less typical coats. And indeed, Whiskey and one of his siblings have unusual coats that are longer and less curly than a typical Laekenois.

A Look at the Pedigree shows the diversity and outcrosses we are using. At this early stages of growing this breed, we need AS MUCH diversity of genetic material as possible, while still seeking health and stability. Malinois were able be used with Laekenois in the US for a time until the mid 2000s, and we regret AKCs decision to no longer allow this. We need to take advantage of opportunities to cross breed, while still seeking good health and a correct coat, and Laekenois can still be imported with Malinois in the pedigree.

Yosi's Health Clearances
CHIC# 19963

OFA Hips: BLN-27G24M-PI 1/23/2003 GOOD
OFA Elbows: BLN-EL15M24-PI 1/23/2003 NORMAL
Eyes CERF: BLK-119 1/18/2006 tested: 00, 02, 05, 06

Lily's Health Clearances
CHIC# 30225

OFA Hips: BLN-52G49F-PI 1/04/2006 GOOD
OFA Elbows: BLN-EL35F49-PI 1/04/2006 NORMAL
Eyes CERF: BLK-149N 03/30/2006 tested 05, 06

Lily is my very own girl from my 1/2 Malinois Layna and Melinda Hughes' Flint, and she is thus 1/4 Malinois. She has a very coarse correct coat with well developed furnishings on her head and chin. In fact, her coat is so abundant that some people believe it is too much! She is quite charming and sweet, and loves to leap up and clack the air with her jaws! She is a natural retriever and gets along famously with pretty much every dog she meets - she is a good babysitter for new puppies. A very easy keeper, and easy to mix with other dogs!

Yosi is 1/2 Malinois and his coat has minimal Laekenois furnishings, but he carries the gene for a more characteristic coat from his Laekenois mother, Ulu. Most of his littermates also have lesser coats than a full Laekenois. He has a more intense temperament than Lily and so much prey drive that he sometimes pounces before he looks. However he is social with the people he knows but is also very protective.


Lily's mother Layna, below at left, was Winners Bitch at one of the ABLA specialties. Below at right is Lily's litter sister Lacey, who now lives near QUebec City. All three are quite petite, about 21 to 21-1/2 inches.

YOSI below, is clearly a fun-loving, and hard-working boy!

When Yosi is in full coat, the harshness of the hair on his back is much more evident, and his whiskers are more pronounced. The harshness is easier to see in person, and to feel, but difficult to photograph. He has since been neutered, and his coat is now much fuller.

Yosi works exotic horned sheep!
Note the rough coat around his ruff in the near photo to the left.
[Yosi photos courtesy of Kathy Champine.]

Yosi's mother Ulu, below, showing good type and coat:
[Ulu photo courtesy of Kathy Champine.]

Yosi's Malinois sire Usco is shown below:

[Usco photos courtesty of Michel Boulianne] 

Yosi x Lily Pedigree Below

2007 Laekenois Litter

U-CD, U-AG1 Grand Coeur's Yosi JHD, BH (L)


OFA Good Hips, Elbows Normal, CERF, Thyroid normal

Usco du Colombophile SchH3 (Malinois)

OFA Excellent/CERF

Ivan des Deux Pottois FR3 (M) G'Vitou des Deux Pottois (M)
Fria des Deux Pottois (M)
Jezabel du Colombophile (M) G'Vitou des Deux Pottois (M)
Biche du Colombophile (M)

FMCh, U-UD, U-AG2 Ulu van de Duvetorre HTD1, HRD2, BH (L)

OFA Good/ Elbows Normal/CERF

Symbool Van Duvetorre (L) Max van Kriekebos (L)
Qwini van Kriekebos (L)
Rosita Van de Duvetorre (L) Qurack van Kriekebos (L)
Joke van Kriekebos (L)

Wandrlyn's Gilded Lily d'Laek (L)

OFA Good Hips, Elbows normal at age 4, CERF

Blackfeather's Arrowhead (L) (Flint) Laeken Huset's Astor (L) (Andy)  Zhale's Gringo (L)
 Nouchka van Kriekebos (L)
Badin Avoir du Cachet (L)  Ave ant Avoir du Cachet (L)
 Etamine des Seignuer du Plessis (L)
Torbrooks Layna (L)
OFA Excellent, Elbows normal at age 6, CERF
Am/Can CH Gildas du Mas des Levandes, CDX (Malinois) Elliot du Bois d'Aps (M)
Evonne du Mas de Levandes (M)
Torbrooks Cassie Mae (L) Nice N Easy v. d. Middachten (L)
Laeken Clarion des Praxis (L)