2009 Laekenois Pup - Young "Dizzy" is Ready for a home of her own!

"Wandrlyn's Makin' Me Dizzy" is now available!

Dizzy was orginally known as "orange girl" and her coat resembles her father's in texture and length (but she is much lighter in color.) His was slow to develop waves and curls and I expect hers will also take a couple years.

She is energetic but subdued and reserved with strangers - a typical Belgian!

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Below is Kaya with her 1-day old puppies.

Photos of Wandrlyn's 2009 Laekenois Pups
from Whiskey x Kaya

Whelped September 8, 2009

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See photos as they grow up.

The first pup, the blue yarn boy, arrived at 8:14 pm on the night of September the 8th, and the last boy arrived just after midnight.

Below is Kaya with her 4-day old puppies.

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See photos at 2-3 weeks.   * *   Photos at 5 weeks

Below photos are from 4 days old!

Two of the pups are very dark and blue boy's face is so dark that his head shot was just a blob! So he is shown in a sleeping profile.

Not all of the pups would cooperate and I took the photos by myself, so I don't have good head shots of some of them! Some went to sleep and others wiggled constantly. About half are already showing some crinkled looking coats, but others are still in the slick "baked potato" stage! Laekenois coats can take some time to fully develop, usually it takes several months to a year before they get their curly adult coats.